Call for ban on Medal of Honor

photo by IGN.

In war, there are no winners. That’s an old saying that, at least for me, makes one remember that, behind and at enemy lines, there are also people. Doesn’t matter how the war started or who was wrong. Generally, a small number of people [governmentsor political/religious leaders] decide for the war and, in doing so, both sides loses since in both sides children will lose their parents, brothers and sisters and parents will have to grief their kids. Therefore, understanding the context in with this real people “from the other side” lived and that the pain and suffering is the same for both sides may spawn forgivingness. Not to forget, but to realize that we are not that different after all and could try to live in peace [at least in RL].

But that doesn’t seem to be the opinion of Britain’s Defence Secretary Liam Fox. Mr. Fox is calling on retailers to ban the forthcoming Medal of Honor video game from their stores. Why? one may ask. Well, let’s allow Mr. Fox to explain himself  in how “shocking [is] that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban against British soldiers. […] At the hands of the Taliban, children have lost fathers and wives have lost husbands […] It’s hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product.”

I’m sorry to disagree from such a important member of British Government, but isn’t the whole principle of video games to permit the players to experience situations that, in real live, they probably would never have? In doing so, isn’t games a valuable experience in which people can test different outlooks and have a least egocentric opinion about things?  And, in doing so, couldn’t we all have so much more in common if we all had a experience of how is to be a Taliban, even if as superficial as this game,  in order to, at least, understanding their adverse reality? I mean, we all played with Americans and British soldiers, pretty much a thousand times. Almost all war games available have one of both as playable characters. And when one, only one game, featuring also their past enemies, the Talibans is released, thats a matter of state defense?

I’m sorry, Mr. Fox, but I have no more comments about it.