Game layer in reality and Game Apocalypse

We have recently talked about game structures in RL [Real Live], especially  on evolving learning skills and, therefore, applied to education. Jesse Schell is a Carnegie Mellon University Professor and Game Dev that explore all other employments that those structures can have [I couldn’t embed this talk on Dice 2010 at WordPress, so click on the image about to see it]. His final description is a bit scary, at least for me, but I do believe that we have some good years until reach that point, if we reach exactly as described.

Thought frightening for many, this game apocalypse [Jesse words! I swear!] may never come in those proportions, but we already have some tools at hand based in these same principles. And, trust me, they are quite useful! EpicWin is a iPhone app similar to a RPG game. But, instead of accomplishing quests, virtual quests, your goal is to complete tasks and chores from RL. As soon as you, for instance, take the trash out, tandan! +200xp points!

Yesterday, Jesse posted at his blog another “game layer over RL” tool, Earndit. One of the points we discussed earlier was that video games give instant feedback, what advices what is being doing wrong at the same time that encourages us to keep moving forward. Most activities in RL aren’t like that at all, and exercise is one of them. In order to be in a good shape, one must practice almost every day for several months until start to fell some improvement. That’s when Earndit comes by; the site promises a “more immediate rewards for your exercise” in order to “foster a more active lifestyle in each of us, and in turn play a small role in improving the health of our users”.

But will those tools lead us to the game apocalypse Jesse is talking about? Well, no one can tell for sure by now, so keep tunned.