Forgotten Old Games – Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Hi! I´m Danilo and, for now on, I’ll write every Wednesday about obscure or forgotten old games.
This week I´ll write about KABUKI QUANTUM FIGHTER, a action platform game for one of my favorites 8 bit console of all time, Nintendo Entertainment System!


Kabuki Quantum Fighter was a game about aliens, martial arts, super powers, cyberspace and… Kabuki actors… Who cares about the story!? … ok ok [I’ll resume it anyway]!
A militar computer is taken by some kind of alien computer virus that spreads into the cyber space and take control of all human nuclear weapons. When the apocalypse it´s about to begin, a group of military take an action.

They plan to put one of their soldiers (Scott O´Conner) into a machine that can convert human mind to raw binary data making possible to take a human to the cyberspace. When they transfer starts, colonel Scott becomes a Kabuki Fighter! What the..!?



According to the game, Scott was converted in a kabuki fighter because one of his ancestors was a kabuki actor…
Ok, I’ll not gonna argue that.

Now let´s talk about the game itself. Kabuki is one of those games that make a gamer use a lot of his abilities.

There´s a lot of fast action situations, but not in a Ninja Gaiden way, in which if a enemy touches you you´ll be problably thrown form a platform to an abiss. Instead the enemies try to drain your HP at any cost, so when you reach a boss battle, you´ll be in a f. serious situation…

Hopefully, there´s a ability that you can exchange power chips for HP during the boss fights, so if you´re almost dead but have enough power chips, you can turn this situation at your favor.


In every stage end, you gain a new special abilitie and those special abilities uses power chips to be actived.It´s like the hearts in castlevania and your main weapon is… YOUR HAIR! Oh yeah dude, what can be more badass than this!? This guy is so freak´n strong that even his hair can beat your ass out!


Graphically, Kabuki can be considered an average game. The main character animations are awesome, specially the hair attack animation. The backgrounds deserve a spotlight for their animated details, like biomechanical stuff pulsing. Looks like one of those classic japanese cyberpunk animes from the 80s!


The Sound effects and musics are awesome, one of my favorite musics is the one in stage 2. It´s freaking misterious and epic at the same time, I cannot describe that with words, listen by yourself!

Kabuki was a great action game from the past, and deserve to be remembered as an action classic!

So go there dude! Take your powerfull red hair and go kick some alien asses!