Between buttons and controllers

photo by Mark Ramsay

Initially, they were quite simple; one button and one joy stick. But then, while video games evolved in a more complex way, the controllers also started to add up. Today, PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers have 17 buttons. Yes, that’s correct, 17! Blake Snow count them down in his critic to contemporary controllers. According to Blake, game designers grew used to using different buttons for different actions that could, with a bit of thought, be synchronized in only one button.

When I read his article, I instantly remembered about some much good old day titles, and quite few recent games. Yes, there are many games today that use few buttons, like the epic Robot Unicorn Attack, but the gameplay experience don’t changes at all from the beginning to to end [is just get faster]. That’s why I think One Button Arthur is quite a example. In the hole game, you are only allowed to use one button, and each scene in the game, this same button has a different action. So, the game play is always changing though the way of interaction in always the same [button]. Kirby uses this same feature, but instead of the scene determining the kind action, in Kirby the last enemy you have “eaten” is the determinant.