Forgotten Old Games – Vice: Project Doom

Hi everyone it´s me again Danilo and today i´m going to talk about some badass stuff.

Yeah, today´s game is Vice: Project Doom a very intense action that will make you spend nights trying to beat it! Vice is the american version of GUNDEC, a japanese platform action game made by Aicom and Published by Sammy in 1991 for the Famicon System. When it came to USA, its name was changed to Vice: Project Doom. The game starts with a nice scene where a mysterious man talk about some mysterious project called “Project Doom” , then one of his thugs tell him that an experiment has escaped.

Our mysterious guy order him to destroy the experiment. Later, we´re presented to our hero, Quinn Hart, a detective that resembles a lot of John McClane from the Die Hard series. Hart is inside a red car pursuing some crazy driver in the middle of the streets!

yeah, it´s show time!

When the game starts everyone thinks that´s some kind of car shooting game, but after the first stage the gameplay changes to a platform game. Also, in some stages the gameplay changes again to a first person shooter Virtual Cop style game.

As you can see, the gameplay is variable, but the platform gameplay is still predominant in the game .

One of the things that I love in this game is that you can choose between two main weapons: one is a sword and the another is a gun. Also, the player can throw hand grenades as a subweapon. Yeah, take that Dante, Quinn Hart used a gun and a sword ten years before you!

The graphics are very good, especially the main character sprites, which has a lot of details. The backdrops are very detailed too.

okay... this is a werewolf

One of the most attractive aspects of the game is its story, of course, which is full of ridiculous stuff like, in one day you´re in Chinatown fighting werewolves and other day you´re in “Ricardo”!? in Brazil!? Yeah that´s one of the most funny moments in the game, my friend Rodrigo Shin always quote this scene, he also make a GIF explaining the situation…

man I can´t stop laughing

By the end of the day Vice: Project Doom is a great action game with nice graphics, sound and one of those stories that looks like a B movie, but everyone likes!