Forgotten Old Games – Strider for NES

Hi everyone! Today I´ll talk about a very famous game, at least I think that everyone knows Strider.
Strider is one of most famous Capcom´s arcade classics, but I´m not gonna talk about Strider the arcade game, no sir!
I´m gonna talk about Strider for NES.

The NES version of Strider is a very unknown game, maybe because of the arcade version’s success, that´s far superior, but the NES version has it´s own characteristics.
Strider for NES is a complete different game from it´s arcade big brother. The game has a different story, a different gameplay and very different stages.

Before I continue to talk about the NES version, I´m gonna give to you guys a little briefing about the series.
In 1988 Capcom was investing in co-production with some manga (japanese comics) studios to create new games.
So basically Strider was a manga, and while the manga was released, the NES game was produced at the same time, like some kind of marketing “joint operation”.

But in some point of the production, Strider NES version was delayed, so they decide to release another game first, which was almost ready. Its name was “The Falcon”.
The Falcon mean to be another franchise, but thanks to the similarities with Strider they renamed Falcon to Strider and make a worldwide released.

Strider for arcade was a success but it´s story is totally different from the manga version or it´s original version from NES. If you look closely, the original version of Strider for NES, it´s different from the arcade version but very similar to Strider 2 or Marvel vs Capcom.

Original from NES

Arcade Version

MVSC Version

That´s because later, when it was decided to bring back Strider to Marvel vs Capcom, the original design from the manga series was adopted.
So what happened to the original NES version? It was released later, with a lot of flaws in western market, maybe because the game was not totally completed and they thought that wasn´t a good idea release that unfinished product in Japan…
Now I´m gonna talk about the game itself. Strider for NES has a lot of interesting stuff, like non linear stages, lots of items and a more complex story.

When you finish a mission, you can go back in that same mission to search for items and power ups, like in Megaman, but it´s a shame that a game with such potential has so much flaws too.
The gameplay is very “buggy” with weird physics and glitches and the graphics are not so well done. The hero sprites are well done, but the backgrounds are poor  and the animations too.

The music is good, but sound effects are a little weird. Some level designs are a little confusing.
I don´t have much good things to say about Strider for NES apart from it´s a interesting game for the series fans. I don´t think it´s a bad game, for me at least it was a good game with a lot of wasted potential.
So let´s take our power blade cut through the bad things in the NES version and give it a try!