Halo reachs record

The new Halo game, Halo: Reach, has already set new records on sales. Halo: Reach was released less than a week ago and gathered $200 million in global sales on its launch day.  Halo 3 had piled up about $300 million ins its release week, so Reach can still be quite more profitable. Also, according to Bungie, 31 million games have been played, a record to the company.  Halo is not the top selling game in charts this week, but it’s almost there  [it is in top of UK chart though].

So, let’s get into Halo mood! Here it is a Atari 2600 adaptation of Halo. Beautiful graphics and great sound effects for those who like or remember Atari aesthetic. Also, I love the nonsense tasks you have to accomplish; nothing in the game relates to them and you have to die a lot understand them. Aka, Atari Style Gameplay.

Also, this Robot Chicken tribute to Mario and Master Chief which always makes me giggle.