Forgotten Old Games – Die Hard Trilogy

Yippee-ki-yay, mot#$@$! Today our guest of honor is John McClane in one of his most bad-ass cops from the movies in one of the greatest action classics from PS1, Die Hard Trilogy, a game that contain three different games.

The first is “Die Hard”, a 3rd person shooter based on the first movie, on which McClane has to save his Wife and a bunch of hostages from terrorists in Nakatomi Plaza.
Them we have “Die Hard 2”, a 1st person shooter on rails, similar to Virtual Cop and based on the second movie. This time, McClane need to stop a bunch of terrorist that have taken control of an airport.
And Finally “Die Hard With a Vengeance” with a gameplay similar toe Crazy Taxi. The game is based on the third movie, when McClane has to disarm bombs around New York in a race against time.
As you can see, the three games are very different from each other, making Die Hard Trilogy a complete action pack.
I´ll try to talk about the main aspects of each game like gameplay, graphics and sound.
In “Die Hard” we have to advance at each floor of Nakatomi Plaza, shooting some bad guys, rescuing hostages and getting a lot of guns. There´s a lot of different weapons in this game, like  handguns, grenades, shotguns, machineguns etc.
The main objective of each stage is to locate all the hostages and release them. After you release everyone, a bomb will be activated and you´ll have 30 seconds to find the bomb. If you don’t reach the bomb in time, the entire floor will explode and then “bye-bye cowboy”. I almost forget to mention that this game is full of McClane lines, like “Yippee-ki-yay”.
Those lines add a lot of fun in the game, the music is great too.
In terms of graphics they´re pretty decent for it´s time, but the characters looks like paper. Maybe because the environment can be destructed, there´s a lot of interaction with the environment, so maybe they try to reduce the number of polygons in-game to maintain this feature.
This first game is the most deep and complex of all three.

“Die Hard 2” it´s a total arcade like shooting game and you have a lot of weapons too, like rockets, machineguns and a Beretta pistol. You´ll need it after all there´s dozens of bad guys to shoot, and you have to
be carefull to no shot the civilians, sometimes it´s hard to shoot only in bad guys because there´s a lot of people around the airport.
The graphics are basically the same as in “Die Hard” but the scenario is more detailed.Also, they have a lot of stuff to blow up to.
I don´t have much to say about “Die Hard 2”, it´s a very fun shooting game, and becomes perfect if you have a Playstation light gun.

“Die Hard With a Vengeance” it´s a total carnage. You have to drive your car with your friend Zeus Carver in a race against time to disarm bombs around the city. It´s the most difficult of all the three, at least for me.
There´s a lot of people on the street and it´s difficult to avoid them while trying to get to the bombs at time.
There are also items, like time expansion and a turbo item. The Turbo allows you to run faster and it´s very useful to pursue “bomb cars”. Those bomb cars are like bosses in this game, they have a health bar
and you have to crash them to do some damage.

Besides the difficult, it´s a very fun game, specially the conversations between McClane and Zeus Carver.
I think graphics are pretty good for a PS1, since it’s an open city with a lot of people and cars on the streets. The details are nice too, like if you run over people, they let blood in the windshield, what is very disturbing but nice touch.

I really wish to talk more about Die Hard Trilogy, but it´s difficult to tell every little detail about this great action pack, so it´s up to you to do the rest and play this awesome game!