Wii sales sovereignty in danger

The British game retailer Game Group has announced a 40% drop on Wii and DS hardware while noticing a 16-17% increase on Xbox360 and PS3. That’s quite a surprise for those [including myself] that thought that PSMove and Kinect were to be a fruitless investment in casual gamers in both consoles.

The main belief was that the move gadgets plus the consoles would cost pretty much double [$399.00 for a Xbox360 with kinect or a PS3 with move] what Wii cost [$199]. Paying that muct just didn’t seemed logical at all, but apparently it is. What might be happening is that many average gamers [not hardcore neither casual] prefer to invest on a console in which both kinds of playing were hearty available.

Wii is not a casual only console, but it also don’t have many options for players to go hardcore sometimes. Contra Rebirth is a good example of hardcore game for Wii, but besides being a short game, it’s also not very common other games for Wii in this difficulty range. Also, most of new hardcore games are most released for PS3 or Xbox360 [and, when we are luck enough, for PC too].