Forgotten Old Games – Gun Smoke

Hello everyone, it´s me again Danilo with a fresh game review! First, I’d like to apologize myself for the fact that I didn’t post last week. I was very stressed with a lot of work to do, so I didn’t find any  time to play video games and write a decent review.

In the last post I was talking about a badass cop, that looks like a modern cowboy. Today, I´m gonna talk about a cowboy itself, his name is Billy Bob the hero of Gun Smoke, a classical vertical scrolling shooter with a wild west theme.

Gun Smoke was released in 1985 by Capcom and there is two versions of it, one in arcades and other for NES.

The story is very simple, the year is 1849 and a small town called Hicksville is constant attacked by a group of outlaws called Vingates. Suddenly, a bounty hunter appear in the town; his name is Billy Bob and he´s going to stop the Vingates and save the town.

Pretty simple isn´t? That´s all this game needs because the main fun factor here is action!

First I´m gonna talk about the most fun aspect of this game, it´s gameplay.

Like the most part of the vertical shooters, the scrolling moves to up then you have to dodge the enemy fire and shoot the badguys. This game is pretty difficult, you have to stay “sharp” because one single shoot and “bang”, you are dead!

Despite the game’s difficulty, there is a lot of barrels that you can destroy and take money or items. With this money you can buy from town´s people a lot of guns and items, including a horse!

When you buy the horse, you move faster and you can take one more shot to be dead, since the first shot kill your horse and the next shot kill you, so basically the horse can save your life, “kid”.

The stage keeps looping itself until you get a certain amount of money to buy the “bounty” item. The bounty item is a wanted advice that allow you to fight with the boss.

Once you beat the boss the level is over, and you receive a reward! There´s a total of six boss in this game, they are Bandit Bill, Cutter, Ninja, Wolf Chief, Los Pubro and Fat Man.

About the graphics, I can say that this is a good looking game for it´s time. I like the way that the outlaws die, it´s very “realistic” because they just fall on the ground different from most NES games in which bad guys explode. The background are richly detailed as well.

Another think that I like a lot in this game are the “wanted” signs, they are just awesome! The outlaws’s faces are just amazing, they´re really look like a bunch of bad asses sons of a …

The sound of this game, in my opinion, is amazing! The gunshots are awesome and I love the first stage´s music! You really fells like a cowboy shooting bad-guys and saving the day!

Here listen!

So, before Red Dead Redemption and Call of Juarez, there was a game that was a legend this game was Gun Smoke. Now, try it cowboy, if you dare!