Forgotten Old Games – Line of Fire

This week´s game is another vertical scrolling shooter. It´s name is “Line of Fire” and is one of my favorite Sega Master System game.

I´ve played a lot during my childhood, and at least for me, is one of the most fun shooting game for Master System.
To be honest I know that a lot of people don´t like Line of Fire for Sega Master System. Mostly because it´s a port from the arcade version that´s very different from the Master System version. So there are many complains about the fact that the arcade version was a more advanced game with pseudo 3d graphics and the use of a light gun to shoot the enemies.

So, again, this is only MY opinion about the game that, at least for me, it´s a great game I hope that you guys enjoy this game like I did.

The story is very simple, a soldier named Jack infiltrates in a terrorists base then he finds a new secret super weapon. When Jack put his hands at it an enemy soldier appears and now he must escape and delivery this super weapon for his allies!

Now let´s talk about the gameplay that is good, nothing too fancy but worked well with the game, one thing that I really like in this game is the fact that in some stages you´re driving a car, in other you´re piloting a boat and in the late stages you´re flying a chopper!

Another thing that really gets my attention is the fact that the game has two “layers”. As an example we take the first stage, using the regular shoot we can take the enemies that are on the ground and using the missiles we can take the enemies that are flying like choppers. Sometimes, you can use a ramp to jump at the level of the aerial enemies and shoot the with your regular weapons.

The only think that bothers me is the fact that you can move all the way up and down in the screen, you can only move at the half of the screen, this is a little annoying in a game like this that you have to be agile to dodge enemy fire.
Line of Fire´s graphics are pretty decent. They´re very colorful with a good variation of backgrounds, they´re not awesome but at least I think that they´re not bad at all.

In the sound department this game is awesome, I really enjoy the main theme of the game it´s very exciting. It makes you feel that you´re in one of those 80´s action movies that the protagonist is a one man army!

So that´s all I can say about Line of Fire for Sega Master System. It´s not a masterpiece, but at least for me it was a great action game.