Forgotten Old Games – Master System´s Brazilian Games

Hi everyone! Today´s post is a kind of celebration of Sega Master System´s 25th anniversary, with an overview of some Master System´s Brazilian Games.

In Brazil Master System was a very successfully console that continue to be sold even today. This success brought a lot of “original” Brazilian titles to the console, all of them were released by a famous Brazilian electronic toy company named Tec Toy. And almost all of those games where hacks from famous american/european games like Psycho Fox or Wonder Boy.

They basically changed the tittle screen and the main character sprites of those games and replaced by Brazilian original characters or even… Mexican famous characters (gonna explain this later).

Street Fighter 2

This was the most famous Master System´s Brazilian Game. Of Course this is not an original Brazilian game, instead it is a conversion of the arcade Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter 2 for SMS was released only in Brazil by Tec Toy and it´s famous for being a attempt to bring Capcom´s classic for a 8 bit video game.

Thats a great idea, but it’s shame that the game wasn´t good. Awful controls, a lot of bugs and bad graphics are the keywords here. The funny part of all this is that this version of Street Fighter 2 become very famous outside Brazil in later years as a collection item and it´s very rare.

Monica no Castelo do Dragão (Monica in the Dragon´s Castle)

This game was a hacked version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land. They basically changed the main character and put Monica, a famous Brazilian comic book character created by Mauricio de Souza.

The tittle screen and in-game text was replaced too. The rest of the game was identical to the original version, even the enemies and scenarios.

Brazilian Version


Original Version

Sapo Xulé vs. os Invasores do Brejo (Xule Toad vs The Swamp Invaders)

Hum… This one is interesting. Brazilian game designers from Tec Toy hacked Psycho Fox and putted a toad in Fox´s place. Why a Toad? Well it´s because of an old Brazilian nursery rhyme.

Ok, so the rhymes talks about a frog called “chulé” and chulé is the Brazilian expression for foot odor… And also they changed Chulé to Xulé for no apparent reason.


Brazilian Version

Original Version

Chapolin vs. Drácula (Chapolin vs Dracula)



Finally Chapolin vs. Drácula, the most weird of them all. In Brazil, a Mexican comedy television series called Chapolin Colorado made a lot of success around the 80’s and 90’s and become very famous around the country.

Chapolin became so famous that basically every person who has a TV in Brazil know who Chapolin is.

So, because of this great success, they hacked a version of Ghost House and putted Chapolin as the main character. As Dracula was the boss of each level in Ghost House, they keep the original sprite and the game´s name become Chapolin vs Dracula, for absolutely NO reason at all since there was no vampires in Chapolin TV series.

Brazilian Version


Original Version

In conclusion, it´s interesting to see how a system that was almost a complete failure in his home country and US was almost a complete success in another part of the world.

Those games more than prove that, and, at least for us Brazilians, the Sega Master System was a great console. So, Happy Birthday Master System! =)