Forgotten Old Games – Magic Carpet

Hi everyone, today´s game is “Magic Carpet”, a very obscure game for NES!

Magic Carpet was one of the first games I´ve played in NES during my childhood. I´ve spent hours playing this side-scrolling shooter where  you´re a guy flying a magic carpet shooting evil monsters, wizards and even witches with your bow.

The main character resembles a lot Aladdin, so, for obvious reasons, when I was a kid I simply renamed Magic Carpet to Aladdin. The funny part of it is that later, I found this game with the name “Aladdin III” on the internet and still I haven’t figured out why they change it. Perhaps I was not the only one to made this assumption.

Magic Carpet it´s a fun, simple and very difficult game. You have a lot of enemies on-screen and all of them are shooting in your direction dozens of projectiles.

I know a lot of people who can´t complete even the first stage, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t progress too much in the first try.

In order to help you in your journey you can collect some itens that can raise your speed, power and life energy. They´re very useful since one single shot can kill you in the beginning of each stage. Also, at the end of every stage you have to confront a very powerful witch.

The graphics are very simple for it´s time if you consider that´s a 1992 Nes game, but at least they´re very colorful. As for the sound department I can´t say much. There are very few musics and though they´re good, there is nothing that can really draw your attention.

I don’t have much to say much about Magic Carpet because this game is so obscure that it´s even difficult find something on internet about it, but it´s a very fun game and, in my opinion, it deserve to be remembered.

In the end of each stage you have to face the same boss: a very powerful witch.