Forgotten Old Games – Lazy Jones

Hello everyone! Danilo couldn’t make it here today so I’ll make the review this time. Today’s game my favorite game for commodore 64: Lazy Jones.

As you can see in the title screen just one guy made all the game, including music and graphics (maybe explaining this lame screen). The good part of having just one guy making all the game is that sometimes the game is so bad that is awesome!

First, the history of the game. You play as Jones, a janitor in a hotel with 3 floors. But this is no nintendo educational game that would teach you how to clean a hotel properly and somehow make it appear the coolest thing to do in the world. As the title says, the game is all about being lazy. Not the “being lazy because your are lazy” style, but being lazy as a way of life, making every necessary effort to be the laziest worker as someone can be. And to be lazy you have to run away from your boss, some of the hotel’s clients and a dirty clothes cart (?!).

In the game you have to enter the hotel’s rooms and almost all of them only have a giant screen with a mini-game.

Some of them are obvious ripoffs of famous games, like “Jay Walk” (yeah, the mini-games also have names) that is copied from “Frogger” and “Laser Jones” that is a space invaders clone as you can see below:

Just like "frogger"

Space invaders, anyone?

Well, so you can’t say that Jay Walk is toooootally copied from Frogger, the new objective of the game is to kiss those two girls in opposite corners of the screen, changing from one to another.

But the game also have some original mini-games, like my favorite: “The turk”. You control a fork that have to hit a turk before it falls in a trash can. But beware with the telephone that is trying to stop you! What can I say? This David guy is a genius.

Damn you, telephone!

And that is basically the game. A reunion of 15 mini-games. Actually you have 18 doors. 14 with the screen with a mini-game on it, 1 that is the hotel bar, being also a mini-game that you have to take some drinks avoiding a drunken client and the other 3 are a bedroom, a bathroom and the basement. Those last 3 ones having just a small video, being somewhat useless for the game mechanics.

One curiosity about this game is that one of the mini game songs (stardust) gave origin to a music that was very famous back in 1999 – Kernkraft 400, from zombie nation. If you don’t remember what song that is by the name, maybe this will refresh your memory:

And if that wasn’t enough, you can see here the article about it in Wikipedia.