Forgotten Old Games – Dynamite Dux

Hi everyone, it´s me again, Danilo with a brand new review of an old game!

This week´s game is Dynamite Dux for Sega Master System.

Dynamite Dux was an arcade beat´em up game released in 1988 by Sega and then became a port to Sega Master System in 1989.

In the original arcade version you play as one of the two pet ducks of a girl that is kidnaped by some weird monster, as one of the two ducks you have to save her (the arcade version has two players mode). In the Master System version the girl (Lucy) is kidnaped by some kind of dinosaur and her boyfriend (Bin) is transformed in a duck. That’s the key to you have to save her and revert the spell.

In this game, Bin have two basic actions: jump and attack. If you press the attack button, Bin will punch, if you hold the attack button he´ll perform a Mega Punch.

One thing that I found interesting is that Bin can attack in every direction, generally beat´em up games allows the player to walk in eight directions but attack only in two (left and right), but in this game you can attack left, right, down and up.

Also, Bin can collect weapons too like bazookas, dynamite and even throw rocks.

In this game Bin has a health bar that can be replenish with food that can be found during the stages, speaking in stages there are six of them this game and every stage has a Boss.

The graphics are inferior to the arcade version, but they are really nice for a SMS game. I love the animations, they´re very fluid and backdrops are very detailed with a lot of colors and have a nice variation from one stage to the other.

The music in this game shines, there´s a lot of good tunes and my favorite one from stage two. It´s a shame that the sound effects are just “ok”.

Dynamite Dux for Sega Master System is a great arcade conversion that really deserve to be remembered as a Master System classic.