Forgotten Old Games – Batman: Return of The Joker

Hello everyone, it´s me Danilo with a brand new old forgotten game!
This week´s game is Batman: Return of The Joker.

Batman ROTJ was an action platform game released in 1991 by Sun Soft and it´s sequel of the original Batman released in 1989.
The story is very simple, Joker is still alive and created a base on an island and now our hero Batman must go to Joker´s Base and stop him once for all.

Being a sequel of the original Batman we would expected that the gameplay would be the same with a few additions but no, the gameplay it´s almost entirely different with Batman having a weapon [that can be powered up] and don´t punching his enemies anymore. Depending of the power up that you collect Batman can shoot different types of bullets, as in CONTRA series.
This “weapon system” it´s kinda cool, but I don´t remember Batman using something like that in the comic books or the movies. That being said, it may look less “genuine” to me, but who cares: it´s Batman and it´s a action game so doesn’t have to look genuine, it does have to KICK ASS!

If you collect eight power up items, Batman will enter in some kind of “hyper mode” and he´ll be invincible for a short period of time and his attacks will destroy everything on he´s way.
Besides the new weapon system, we have here also a kinda of “shoot´m up stages”, as stage 2.
Talking about stages, this game has a total of seven stages and every stage has it´s boss.

In the graphic department, this game will blow your eyes out! The graphics are just AMAZING for a NES game! Sometimes, they can be almost as detailed as graphics of a 16 bit game.
The backgrounds are very rich with a nice gothic atmosphere and Batman looks. Also, the sprites are big with lots of details. Animations are very nice too, Batman´s animations are very smooth and fluid, even his cape was animated.

Sound effect and musics are very good. The tunes are nice with some “action” feeling. I really like the first stage music.
Batman ROTJ is an amazing action game that I really recommend to all of you, Batfans, to play this awesome Batgame of the BatNES!
See you next, weak in this same Batblog!