Forgotten Old Games * Special – Brazilian NES Clones

Hi everyone It´s me Danilo and I´m back!

This week I´m gonna show to you guys something really interesting, The Brazilian NES clones!

Back in the 1989 the official NES wasn’t available in Brazil yet, so Brazilian electronic companies started to produce NES clones and unofficial cartridges. Since Nintendo patent wasn’t valid in Brazil, making NES clones was a “legal” deal…

The official NES was released in Brasil only in 1993 so these NES clones were the only way to play NES games in that time.

These clones, generally speaking, where top quality stuff with nice image quality, durability and good sound. Most of them used 60 pin type cartridges as the Japanese model. These 60 pin cartridges were produced in Brazil, I think that most of them were pirate versions of the original Japanese cartridges or even American 72 pin cartridges.

For example, my Double Dragon 2 was based on the Japanese version but my Ninja Turtles was American based and both of them were 60 pin cartridges.

Here we have some of the most well succeeded clones and they respective companies:

Name: Dynavision

Manufacturer: Dynacom

*this guy is identical to an Atari 7800

Name: Phantom System

Manufacturer: Gradiente

*looks like an oficial NES

Name: Bit System

Manufacturer: Dismac

*this one was my childhood NES =)

Name: Turbo Game / Top Game

Manufacturer: CCE

Now, I´m gonna make a complete review of Turbo Game, I really wish that I could make a review of every single on of those clones but they´re pretty rare stuff and I only have Turbo Game.
Turbo Game was a very nice clone and it features a dual slot solution: it supports both 60 pin and 72 pin cartridges without the need of an adapter.

*60 pin mode

*72 pin mode

Now I´m gonna show some more interesting stuff about this clone, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, my camera isn´t very good and I´m an awful photographer…

*it features an AV output and a RF output

*size comparison with my official NES

One funny think about Turbo Game and others NES clones is that the control port wasn’t the official NES standard. I believe that´s because it was difficult to the manufacturers to use official control ports, so they  put a DB-9 port.


*NES plug and db9 plug

*my 6 button turbo pad control manufactured by Dynacom


*slow motion function ;D

Now let´s try some games! First I´m gonna try an “official” Brazilian 60 pin cartridge that has Ice Climbers on it.


*as you can see they´re very simple and they where cheap

*without the package


An interesting fact is that my official NES is newer than this Turbo Game and it was needed to be repaired at least five times. My official NES 72 pin slot of  is terrible and I´ve heard that even the American official one has a lot of problems. For comparison, both this clone’s 72 and 60 pin slots are in perfect shape. They had never had any problems and I never had to do any kind of repair in it. Only the controls are worst than the NES originals and they´re not as durable as the official NES controller aswell.

Now let´s try the japanese version of Ninja Gaiden 3 (Ninja Ryukenden 3).

*the original plastic case was damaged so I changed to this.


*works great!

As you can see even japanese cartridges works perfectly well in this console. Every single game that I put in this runs well, I think that is compatible with all the official and unofficial NES library.

Some NES clones has compatibility problems, Generation NEX is a very famous and newer NES clone but it didn´t run Castlevania 3 so let´s put this little guy here in prove.


*an oficial Castlevania 3 american cartridge
*lol I forget to tell that the 72 pin cartridges works backwards
*take that Generation NEX!

Fuck yeah our little guy runs Castlevania 3 nice and easy!


*my first review Kabuki: Quantum Fighter running in Turbo Game

You guys must be thinking that only non official cartridges were sold in Brazil but after the release of  the official NES in Brazil, official Nintendo games started to be commercialized.


*an official Brazilian version Ninja Gaiden 3

Even today, new NES clones models are available in retail stores in Brasil. But these new models are a mere shadow of the old ones, most of them doesn´t even has a cartridge slot since the games are in internal memory and they´re made with poor quality materials (much like the Master System story, but today’s Brazilians Master System are not bad in quality)

Well I hope that you guys have enjoyed today´s post! I really wanted to share this with people from other countries, to to tell a bit how NES came to Brazil and how these clones become so popular here.

See you guys next review!