Super Meat Boy vs. PETA

Trolls are to internet as a mustache is to Mario. Mario still would still exist without it, but we all know it wound’t be the same thing. Therefor, trolling is also one of the most effective ways of drawing attention online or even making something viral. Some organization have already realized that, as PETA and Norton, but most of them fail to use all the potetion that trolling was.

Recently, Peta seemed outraged by the indie game Super Meat Boy. According to the organization, the game was somewhat insensitive and cruel in such a level that they made a parode game, Super Tofu Boy. I think it’s important to highlight two main points here: Meat Boy, the protagonist, is a boy without skin, so I really don’t see why PETA cares since there is no “animal cruelty” involved; also, PETA is trying to defame a indie game, made with a really tiny budget. So, PETA decided to troll the game and released Super Tofu Boy.

Apparently, Bandage Girl broke up with Meat Boy and start dating Tofu Boy. Also, PETA’s Meat Boy is

Meat Boy is a vengeful, bloody cube of rotting animal flesh. And he smells. After a short-lived fling with Bandage Girl (sympathy dates, really), he became enraged when he was dumped for the tasty and satisfying Tofu Boy. Once Bandage Girl slept with Tofu Boy and saw all that he had to offer, it was bye-bye beef, hello bean curd. Enraged by his loss and lack of ability to compete with the badass that is Tofu Boy, Meat Boy snapped and kidnapped Bandage Girl—because if he can’t have her, no one will.

So, a kid without skin is “bloody cube of rotting animal flesh” for PETA. Nice touch! Also, why to research the game background before making a parody if you can just rage attack, right?

Anyway, PETA’s trolling wasn’t well seen by most of gamers, who quickly answer. Meat Boy devs, otherwise, claim to have enjoyed the visibility that PETA’s game gave to their game, but that haven’t stop the trolling back. First, they used Twitter; here is a log of the twitter messages and its responses.

Then, they created a playable character of Tofu Boy in Super Meat Boy; to play with it one have to type “petaphyle” in the character select screen after downloading the last upgrade.

My guess: leave the trolling to professionals.

If you have the time to see other PETA game parodies, I say do it! They are to kill for. I personally recommend Cooking Mama, in which the player progression is  not defined by his performance whatsoever [are you kidding me?] and also taught me how to make a Thanksgiving turkey, a lesson that will be put in practice really soon! Thanks, PETA!