PlayStation Port…phone?

We have already discussed some crash-and-burn marriages between game portable platforms and cellphones, but we haven’t say a word since rumors and photos of PSP Phone started showing up. The reason is that nothing official had came out by the time and the alleged PSP phone photos didn’t say much about how the handheld would feel like. But now a video and hardware specifications came out, so I feel like I could say come words about it.

At first view, it looks like a lot with every touch-screen smart phone every made, but slide it off  and the directional and PS action buttons appear. The hardware seems really strong for a handheld as well as for a cellphone: 1GHz , 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM; it’s much more powerful than DS and PSP and as much RAM as Xbox.

That being said, I hope devs cam make some hard core games for it and not only the iPhone app kind. I’m not saying that iPhone apps are bad but that we do have iPhone for this kind of entertainment and do not need another platform. Also, all those game buttons seems to provide a great and precise playing experience, something that one won’t find in any cell phone in the market now. But while it isn’t completely official and titles haven’t been announced yet, we can’t say much more about it that this.