About art, videogames and cars

It’s really tricky to talk about “anything as art” since to justify the comparison it’s need to try to define art, something as polemical as it can get. We already discussed some pros and cons here, but we never even tried to reach a conclusion whatsoever. Luke Plunkett, in the other hand, didn’t got intimidated by the controversy and wrote down his own outlook in the matter. To Luke videogames are not art, since art refers to non-interactive apparatus, but they are cars. Luke explains:

Games are more than art; they are also mechanical, something we can appreciate, sure, but also something we have to use.[..] You can have all the art and celebrity voice-overs and moving music and poetic gestures you want, but if there’s nothing to interact with, it’s not a game. It’s just…a collection of various pieces of media. Likewise, the handling and mechanics of a game, or its level design and puzzle difficulty, are just an intangible, unrecognisable collection of 1s and 0s without a character and world to dress them in, or a story to give them purpose and context.

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