Forgotten Old Games – Sword Master

Hi everyone, such long time since my last post huh? I´m really sorry about that, I´ve been really busy lately with work and stuff.

Well this week´s game is Sword Master, a really nice Fighting/Platform game for NES.

In Sword Master you play as a golden armor knight that, I think, save his kingdom from an army of monsters.

The knight also can transform in a wizard that can use spells to fight enemies. This transformation works similar to Castlevania 3 Dracula´s Curse, where you can change you character in the middle of each stage.

Sword Master has a unique gameplay style, it´s like a platform game but with a lot of fighting games situations. Let me try to explain: when you starts a level you go all way fighting enemies jumping and attacking  but some ordinary enemies are like “minibosses” then the scrolling stops and you have to fight this enemies like in Zelda 2 or Prince of Persia. Once the enemy is defeated you can proceed with the platform action.

This is a unusual style of gameplay that I think works pretty well with this game and brings a unique experience.

During the stages you can collect experience points and if you have enough points your HP will increase. This experience points can also be used to cast spells if you are playing with the wizard character. You can also replenish your HP with some red potions that drop of the killed enemies.

Sword Master feature 7 levels and every level has it´s boss; the boss battles are generally very difficult.

The graphics are really awesome for a NES game and the highlights for me are the parallax effect on the first stage and the knight animations. Also, everything has a lot of details and a good amount of colors.

The music and sound effects are really good too and one cool stuff is that the main character screams when attacking.

It´s a shame that I cannot find any OST of this game on youtube but you guys can enjoy a gameplay video that I found:

That´s it for today´s review, I hope that I can post another game next week.

Merry Christmas!