Forgotten Old Games – Astyanax

Happy New Year everyone, It´s me Danilo in my first post of the year!

Today I´m bringing to you another medieval side-scroller from the NES era so be prepared to Astyanax!

Astyanax for NES, released in 1990, was a port of “The Astyanax”, the arcade version, which was from 1989.

In Astyanax you play as… Astyanax! Astyanax is a 16 years old boy who dreams every single night about a princess calling for help and then, suddenly, he was transported to another realm by a pixie. Now in order to return to his home, Astyanax must save the princess that was asking for help in his dreams!      Awesome…

The gameplay is simple with a few RPG elements. Astyanax can attack with melee weapons or use magic spells, and there are three types of melee weapons an axe, a spear and a sword and three types of magic, blind, blast and bolt.

Melee weapons can change when you gets a power-up, for example if you have an axe and gets a power up your axe will transform into a spear and the magic spells consume MP.

Speaking about magic spells Blind can freeze enemies for a certain amount of time, blast throw fireballs in all directions and bolt cast a lighting in every single enemies on-screen.

There are lots of items too like:

Red potions that restore three life points.

Blue potions that fully restore your health.

Wings that increase your dexterity.

And a Pixie that can restore your MP or change your weapon.

Astyanax has six stages and every stage has a boss and minibosses. In my opinion, bosses are the best part of Astyanax, they´re pretty cool and very challenging.

In Astyanax the graphics are okay. Personally, I don´t like Astyanax´s sprite, it´s poorly animated and the fact that the sprite is too big just drain your attention to him. The backgrounds are just fine but the best artwork for me are the bosses, they´re awesome with lots of cool details.

There´re  lots of cut scenes too that helps to explain the game´s story.

As the graphic department isn´t too shining at least the sound it´s awesome, The musics are very good and sound effects too, check it out:

Overall Astyanax is a good game I hope that everyone gives it a try.