A small introduction

Hi everyone, it’s me, Lira.

I know. I don’t post here very often. Almost never I do some posts in Wednesday’s  forgotten old games when Danilo is too busy to write a post. But Thais asked me to write more here.

The biggest problem was to decide what I would be talking about. I didn’t want to write popular games reviews, there is already a bunch of famous sites doing that and for me the charm of this blog was to avoid that. Thais is already making an awesome job writing about videogame scene without writing about specific games and Danilo talking about games that should be classics, but aren’t.

So what to write about? This end of the year holidays I was playing a lot of indie games on steam, when I realized that would be a nice thing to talk about here. Steam is like an indie games’ paradise. It’s a place where small companies can try to publish game around the globe with no fisical media costs. Of course, you have another services like that such as iTunes store or PSN and microsoft live, but steam is more directed for PC’s hardcore gamers.

And that’s what I decide to write about. The indie games published on steam. You can expect me writing a review about one every friday (I know, I know. The first post is a little late).