Friday’s indie game – Geometry Wars: Retro involved

The first game that I decided to write about is Geometry Wars: Retro Involved for 3 reasons:

  1. I love shooters;
  2. It’s a reference in indie games;
  3. Actually, I don’t have much to talk about it and I already posted today.

Well, like I already said, this game is a reference in indie game scene, having a lot of games based on it or even free clones, like grid wars or grid assault that were already reviewed by pixel prospector. Probably it’s famous because it was published by an already famous company (bizarre creations) and was launched for a bunch of platforms, like wii, DS, PC, xbox 360 and even iPhone. As I already said I will only review the PC version that is published at steam, which is probably one of the simplest version of the game.

The game is a shooter that seems like a sequence for asteroids for atari. It’s a space shooter where everything is nothing but contours and no enemy exactly shoots at you, they just use some kamikaze like tactical. Of course it plays a lot better, thought.

The controls are really simple, being like the snes game smash TV. You have 2 directional commands, one for the ship and other for where you will gonna shoot at plus a button to use a limited numbered bomb that kills every enemy in the screen .

The gameplay is all about not dying as long as possible and making huge scores. I know, it seems obvious, but different of some shooter games the more you have, more bonuses you gonna take. Almost everything on the game is based on your total score.  There are no items, you get more life, bombs or even power-ups  just by scoring. Of course that being more powerful by getting high scores also means that there will be a lot more enemies, making the game harder to survive as you are scoring.

The only thing that is not based on your total score is the score multiplier. You will get it bigger by scoring too, but if you dies it goes to 1 again, giving you an another reason to avoid to die as long as possible.

Game resume


Just at the game menu you can see that you are playing an indie game. The game is simple and you will see a lot of light effects to justify for you to pay for it even if it is a simple game launched in 2007, but it seems really nice in the end. Really retro with some modern looking.


For $3,99 the game will distract you for a lot of time. Being a purely arcade game with no campaign or anything like that, it has an awesome replay value. Perfect for when you want to play something but doesn’t have a lot of time for it.

Has 360’s controller support?

Yes, but I wouldn’t say it’s vital for the gameplay. But personally, I prefer from using keyboard and mouse.

Now here is a video so you can see how the gameplay feels (yep, I know. I’m not exactly the best Geometry War’s player out there) :