Friday’s indie game – Bullet Candy

I’ll try to write reviews of games that in some way have something in common with the last review.

Based on this I decide to review today bullet candy. Bullet candy is another shooter based on asteroids, but not as famous as his brother Geometry wars.

What can I say about this one? It’s just a good multidirectional shooter.  Nothing too special here. Maybe a good difference between this game and geometry wars is that this one you have more than one gameplay. There is a survival mode that goes pretty much like geometry wars (upgrades and score multipliers are based on your total score, infinite amount of enemies being spawned from nowhere) and other modes, the main one being the arcade mode that divides the game in short waves and the score multiplier and upgrades are items that you have to pick up.

The game is also a little harder because you don’t have bombs and can’t just run for the scenario’s border to avoid the enemies, considering that some enemies come from the outside of the scenario.

The rest are common thing in this genre or games on steam. You have an online scoreboard and some achievements so you can compete with your friends.



Those are ok graphics, being nice for an indie game and satisfatory, but probably it could be a lot better. You can say the same for the sound.


The game offers you enough challenge and like the games of this genre it’s perfect when you want to play something but doesn’t have much time for it.


For only $3,99 it’s a fair deal. So if you like this game genre I recommend you to give it a try.

Has 360’s controller support?

Yes, and I would say the same from Geometry wars. But this game is harder to adjust the controller. While most of the indie games that have support for the 360’s controller are just plug and play, this one you have to adjust the sensitivity first.

I didn’t had the time to record the gameplay, so I will just show with a generic video from youtube: