Forgotten Old Games – Gravity Armor Metal Storm

Hi everyone today I´m bringing to you a game that I recently discovery that has an american version, so most part of this review is about the japanese version of it. This game is Metal Storm.

Metal Storm is a very obscure game created by the same company that made R-TYPE. The most noteworthy thing in this game is the ability to change the gravity during the gameplay allowing the player to walk in the ceiling with reverse gravity.

But first, as always, I´m gonna talk a little more about this game´s history. The year is 3521 and a giant battle station called Cyberg has been taken by an unknown force. Now that the battle station is out of control it´s already destroyed Neptune and Earth is the next target.

In order to save humanity they´ve sent an ace pilot using a gravity battle suit capable of control the gravity. The main objective is to active the self detonation device in the battle station to stop this menace once for all!

You can check it out here:

Cool huh? It´s a shame that the US version doesn´t has this introduction.

Metal Storm´s gameplay it´s simple and intuitive.

If you press A you can jump, B fires your weapon, pads move you character and if you press Up + A you can invert the gravity and walk in the ceiling and if you press Down + A you get back to the floor. If you change your gravity, enemies will change theit gravity too so you must use it wisely.

Besides, there´s a lot of items that can help you during the game. I´m gonna list them below:

  • Armor Item: Increase your resistance to enemy fire.
  • Bonus Item: Give to you 5000 points to your score.
  • 1 UP: Extra life.
  • Extra Time: Add 100 seconds to your time counter.
  • Crusher: Kill all enemies on-screen.
  • Power Beam: Increases the width of your beam… (wut?!)
  • Shield: Deflect all enemies bullets but it´s useless against beam weapons.
  • Gravity Attack: Transform you in some kind of energy ball when changing the gravity, that allows you to become invincible in that period of time and it can destroy enemies too.

As you guys can see there´s lots of cool stuff to try on and lots of choices and power ups, so I think that this game isn´t too difficult. At least, it didn’t felt too difficult compared to other games of its time.

The enemies aren´t a great deal [most of them die with just one shot], the level design is really awesome and the biggest challenge are the boss fights.

Now I´m gonna talk about the looks, graphics are awesome in this game and I´ve never saw a NES game with so fluid animations like this.

Take a good look when you´re walking, there´s lots of animation frames and the main character is heavily detailed too. The bosses are giant with great amount of details too.

The backgrounds features a nice parallax effect I don´t know how they did that since NES doesen´t suport parallax backgrounds but it gives to the player the felling that there´s depht in the background.

Musics and sound effects are good, not something that really gets stuck in your head but they´re okay, at least for me.

So I´ve recommend to all of you to take your gravity armor and go kick some robot asses!