Indie game of the week – beat hazard

Yeah, I know, I know.

I’ve been away for sometime but I was really busy at work. Actually I still am, so I decided to post once in a week but whenever I have some free time in place of a specific week day.

So today I’m gonna review one of my favorite indie games. Beat hazard.

Yep. It’s another multidirectional shooter with spaceships, but as you can imagine by the title, this one is so cheesy that it’s awesome.

First the history:

You have this spaceship with some evil technology that let you hack into nearby spaceships radio system and put whatever music you want. It also have the power to produce firepower from the music vibrance, so you decided to travel in the vast space to annoy and kill every spaceship in the galaxy.

Ok…actually the game have no history, but if it was the history of the game that would be awesome, too.

Now seriously. This game would be just another shooter if it wasn’t all based on music. First you select a song (that can be one of the originals from the game or any mp3 that you have on your computer) and than the gameplay is all based on it. The amount of shoots that you can fire and enemies spawned are all based on the rhythm of the game, meaning that it can be a chill out game if you put some new age or something or very intense. The funny thing is that if there isn’t any sound you simply can’t shoot, so every little pause in the song can be a problem for you.

Like the previous multidirectional shooters that I reviewed you also get a score multiplier if you survive for sometime (here is a bonus for every 30 seconds) but also for not shooting for 10 seconds. That’s cool so you also have a challenge of trying to survive without shooting for bigger scores and no just shoot around like a nuts.

You have two gameplay options, survival and normal mode. The normal mode you choose a track and play until the music end, you choosing the game difficulty in the beginning of the game. The survival mode you choose a track, don’t choose the difficulty and the game will continue to play every music in the same folder of the track that you chose in loop until you lose every life.

Maybe one of the worst part of this game is the presentation. Or maybe the best one. The visual of this game is as cheesy as it’s name. The first screen is a seizure warning and just in the menu you can understand why. Everything explodes making loud sounds and lighting effects overused that appear like the game is trying to prove at any cost that even being an indie game it has it value. But after sometime you get used to it (I even started to like it!)

Now, to the game resume:



This game is so bad that is freaking awesome.


Simple, but fun


For 10 dolars it totally worth it.

Now to the gameplay video. Personally I love to play it with really noisy songs to get the maximum of chaos that the game has to offer