Forgotten Old Games – Zillion

Hi everyone it´s me again Danilo with a fresh (maybe not so fresh) old game!

This week´s game is Akai Kodan Zillion for Sega Master System. Zillion was one of the best old Sega franchise for the SMS and later Sega with Tatsunoko Productions released an anime based on Zillion.

The anime was a huge success and was a good merchandise for the SMS game. I remember when I was a kid I played Zillion a lot, not just because was a great game but also because I was a huge fan of the anime.

You can check the anime opening here:

*as you guys can see the main character´s weapon was a Light Phaser pistol

Zillion´s story is very simple. Human race was attacked by aliens called Noza and the only weapon capable of detroying the Noza was three pistols called Zillion.

Three young brave soldiers where are chosen to wield them as the White Nuts [I’m not making this name up!] in order to fight back against the Nozas.

Those brave soldiers are JJ (the main character), Apple (a beautiful girl) and Champ (a very skilled gunfighter).

*from left to right Champ, JJ and Apple

So in this game you play as JJ who must find five disks that will enable him to input the self-destruct sequence into the Noza´s main base computer. As secondary objective, JJ must rescue the other two White Nuts members, Champ and Apple.

Now let´s talk about the gameplay.

Zillion was on SMS at same time as Metroid was on NES and Zillion was also a free-scrolling platform adventure. You start the game in front of your mothership landed on Planet X (the Noza home planet), then you must take an elevator to the underground area to get access to the Noza´s base.

Once you´re inside the base you´re going to spend the rest of the game there. If you want you can go back to the mother ship to replenish your health.

JJ can shoot his weapon, duck, jump and even craw on the ground. JJ can also shoot while crawling too.

The Noza´s base is filled with rooms and in most part of those rooms lies a computer terminal that you can input some codes. Some of those codes can make enemy weapons offline or disarm nearby barrels or even disable enemy sensors.

Those computer terminals also can open doors for you but in order to do this you must collect codes from capsules that can be found in these rooms.

Inside those capsules there´re power ups too.

During the game, you have to fight against enemy soldiers too and escape from traps like energy barrels and landmines. When you rescue a friend, you can select the friend soldier and play as him, something similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES.

This game is very long and there is no save or even password features, so be prepared to spend hours playing it until you finish it.

Zillion has very nice graphics for a open-world game like this. For instance, if you compare Zillion to Metroid for NES, which was also an open-world game you´ll see how Zillion graphics are far superior to it´s counterpart.

Music and SFX are great too, I really like the sound that the light phaser makes when I shoot something, it´s very close to the sound that it produces in the anime.

The musics are very nice and catchy, it´s a shame that basically are only two musics in Zillion but they´re very well done.

The intro theme of the anime “Pure Stone” was very well converted into midi.

In closing comments, Zillion is a classic for SMS and maybe was one of the best games on the console. However, I don´t know why, Sega ended up abandoning the series what is really a shame that a masterpiece like this was dumped away by Sega.