Indie game of the week – audiosurf

Yep, another indie game involving ships, but this time without shooting anything. Actually this game is all about hitting things with your ship.

Probably one of the most originals rhythm games you have out there, this game can be highly addictive mixing f-zero with doctor mario and adding rhythm to it, and like beat hazard you also can load your own songs, changing the gameplay.

For the f-zero part you have a ship flying low in an roller coster like scenario. Ok, actually the gameplay almost don’t remember f-zero, but the visuals remembers a lot. One of the cool things  is that the scenario changes for more roller coaster like or more plain depending of the loaded song.

For the doctor mario you have to pick blocks of the same colors to score points, but you have a lot of different gameplays to change how you do that. From the more simple that only tests your reflexes that you just have to a gameplay that is more equal with doctor mario, you needing to keep blocks of the same color in the together, avoid to reach the top of your gameplay grid.

And all this being faster or slower according the song you loaded. The coolest part is the online scoreboard that looks for people who played the same tracks you played to compare score for a more fair score competition.



The visual of the game is pretty simple with some effects, but totally works.


Awesome. If you like games to test your reflexes, this is a good one.


for 10$ is a gone game to have in your collection.

I didn’t have time today to record my own video, bur here is one of the gameplay with just one color: