Forgotten Old Games – Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie

Hi everyone, this week I´m gonna review Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie for the SNES.

Macross for SNES is a very fun and challenging shoot ’em up based on Macross (Robotech in US) a very famous anime that feature mechs that can transform into jet fighter.

This game is some kind of sequel to the first anime series, so basically in 1999 an alien spaceship crashed on earth in an island called Macross.

The human race rebuilt the alien spaceship and named it as SDF1 ( Super Dimension Fortress – 1 ) Macross. Based on the alien technology, human race was able to create powerful machines called Valkyries which are mechs that can transform into jet fighters.

The jets had to transform into mechs because, based on the alien ship, the aliens where giants so transforming a jet fighter into a giant robot was suppose to be a good way to fight again´s them…

Eventually, the aliens arrived and a war between humans and the aliens started. In the end, humans and aliens established  peace but some other alien factions are still not so friendly.

So in this game you´re suposed to attack those rogue alien factions and destroy them before them destroy the earth.

Macross has a very rich gameplay for a space shooter. When you start the game, you have to choose between three pilots, each of those pilots has their own Valkyrie with three transformation modes and different abilities.

The transformation mode are battroid, gerwalk and fighter mode. Battroid mode is the humanoid robot form of the Valkyrie, gerwalk is a hybrid between the humanoid form and the jet fighter form (basically a jet fighter with legs and arms) and finally the fighter mode is the jet itself.

Now I´m gonna make a little explanation about each character abilities.

Hikaru –  The main character, has a very nice attack when in Fighter Mode: a laser beam that can cross any obstacle on screen. His Gerwalk Mode is good too but his attacks are week, he deploy some bombs up and down. And finally his Battlroid Mode has a good offensive power firing machine gun and missiles.

Max – The ace pilot, Max has a machine gun with medium offensive power in Fighter Mode, an energy chain weapon on Gerwalk Mode, which is very interesting if you know how to use it, and in Battroid he has a homing energy attack that is very weak but very efficient.

Milia – She was the best alien pilot in the anime series and in the end she and Max get married. In fighter mode Milia shoots deadly fireballs,which are fast like a rapid fire, in Gerwalk Mode she can shoot energy shoots that resembles blades, they spread like a shotgun so they´re very useful against a large enemy wave and finally in Battroid Mode she can use a Hadouken like energy ball that blast it´s way through the enemies. In my opinion Milia has the most powerful attacks of all characters.

There is an item with a P letter that increase your firepower level, the max firepower level that each mode can achieve is level 3 but if you get some enemy hit you´ll lose one firepower level. For example I has max firepower in each mode then I take a hit in Battroid Mode, so my battroid level will be decreased to level 2. There´s a life bar too, if you take too many hits your life bar will reach zero and your Valkyrie will explode.  An interesting feature in this game is that you can turn an enemy into a friend, if you stop shooting your ship will start to glow with a golden aura then if you touch an enemy with this it will tun into a friend and start to help you.

This game features 7 stages and every stage has a very difficult boss. The boss fights are very difficult and you have to pay a lot of attention because they have a good variety of attacks and actions.

Macross for SNES is a very difficult game even in the easy mode, so stay sharp!

The graphics are incredible, this game features a lot of special effects like sprite rotation, semitransparent effects and multilayered screen giving a nice sence of perspective. Everything is very well detailed.

Music and sound are great too, I love this game soundtrack, the tracks are very well done  with a lot of energy!

Check out the main theme, it´s awesome!

Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross is one of my favorite SNES shoot ’em up so I strongly recommend to you guys go and check it out.