Indie game of the week – bit.trip beat

Hi everyone,

Today I gonna write about a game of a famous indie rhythm game series: Bit.trip beat.

Bit.trip beat was the first game of the bit.trip series, being also the first appearance of Commander Video the charismatic protagonist of the game.

Commander Video is a pixel art ninja that creates rainbows while he jumps…and with that description I guess you can imagine how strange bit.trip is. If you played Super Meat Boy (that I will review here someday), you may remember that Commander Video is one of the first secret characters that you can unlock in the game, so yes, we are talking here about the same character.

Each bit.trip has a different gameplay, but all of them are a mix of action with rhythm, with a 3d pixel art visual and a chiptune sound track, giving a retro look with a modern design and gameplay.

Bit.trip beat specifically (that was one of the IGF finalists for excellence in sound this year) appears to be a big pong training. Really, you have the exactly same control as you had in pong,  just controlling if the bar goes up or down on the screen, and you have to hit severals squares going to your direction. The innovation here is that every time you hit one of those squares, in its way out of the screen it will make a sound that complementes the game’s music. And not every square act in the same way. Some squares will stop for a while, others will blink, some will split in two and a lot of other tricky stuff to avoid the game to be boring.

Another cool thing is that the game will add more visual and sound effects if you are going well or remove them if you are failing too much, making you happy or desperate according how well are you playing.

It may appear as an easy game considering you have just to go up or down, but believe me, the game is hard as hell. It has only 4 stages and probably you will spend a lot of time trying to master them to unlock the next one.


An awesome and innovative game that may take your attention for sometime, having a merit for it originality. But short.


I consider $9,99 somewhat expensive for it, considering the game is really short, so I would just buy it with a discount. But may be good to consider if you are looking for something different.

I tried to record a video of this game, but I suck really hard at it… so here is an official video of the gameplay: