Forgotten Old Games – Assault Suits Leynos (Target Earth)

Hi everyone! This week I´m gonna talk about Assault Suits Leynos for Sega Genesis.

Leynos in the Assault Suits series timeline  is a sequel to Valken but this game was release before Valken for SNES. To be more specific, three years before in 1990.

The plot is set in 2201 and engulf a war between earth federation versus a cyborg army. This cyborg army came from the deepest space and becomes a threat for the humans. When I first readed this plot, Detonator Orgun came to my head so if you like this kind of story with mechs and cyborgs I strongly recommend this anime OVA.

Now let´s get back to Leynos.

Leynos´s gameplay is very similar to Valken, you can walk, jump, change weapons and even move in different directions in low gravity stages. There´s just one problem with this game´s gameplay and it´s called AIMING MODE. Holly crap you can choose between two aiming modes and both of the sucks hard! At least in my opinion,  the controls are very clumsy and not so responsive as Valken, so be ready to spend some extra time practicing you’re aiming.

One thing that I really like in this game is that you can choose what weapons you´ll carry at the beginning of each stages, so you can choose at least six weapons to carry.

The main weapons like  LG-GUN and HG-GUN have infinite ammunition but the rest has limited ammo and there´s no punch ability or shields.

To unlock more weapons you´ll need lots of points at the end of each stage, so you better kill lots of enemies in order to assure that.

Leynos has three different difficulty levels they´re: NORMAL, HARD and HYPER. Take into account that this game pretty hard and even in normal setting it´s very challenging. Also, there are no saving or even password features and the continues are limited.

Graphics are pretty decent for a 1990 Sega Genesis´s game but they´re aren´t even close to be good as Valken´s graphics everything it´s very simple but well good to look, the only real complain that I have about the graphics it that the animations are very simple with just few frames so everything fells really choppy.

Music and Sound effects are pretty good and the introduction track is very epic as you can check it out:

In closing comments, Assault Suits Leynos was the first of the Assault Suits Series and was a really impressive game for it´s time featuring a nice experience much more complex that the Gundam games of that time could reproduce. For this reason I consider Assault Suits Leynos one of the foundations of the mecha platform games so it´s a game that deserve to be remembered.