Forgotten Old Games – Assault Suit Leynos 2

Hi everyone it´s me Danilo and today´s the final part of my Assault Suits series mega review!

Now let´s talk about Assault Suit Leynos 2 a great 2d mecha/platform for Sega Saturn. Leynos 2 was the direct sequel of Target Earth for Sega Genesis but in my opinion it´s a mix between Valken and Leynos. Some interesting gameplay aspects of Valken such as the advanced physics system, the ability to use a shield and dash function where kept in this game and the complex weapon system and plot of Leynos was kept too so this game cover every single good aspect of it´s predecessors.

Leynos 2 uses every single button os Saturn´s gamepad so control your mech´ll not be an easy task. It´s difficult to assimilate that every single button has a total different funcion like one button is the rocket launcher, another one is the plasma beam and the another was a punch button and the aiming system, which is similar to Leynos 1, it´s kinda hard to gets it.

There´s two different aiming methods: one is manual and another is auto aim. At the first, I´ve choose auto aim because the manual was too damn difficult to jump, fly around, dash and aim, all at the same time, but in the later stages I felt that it was pretty annoying to switch between targets so i decided to go manually. After some training, I was piloting my mech like a NEWTYPE jumping, firing every single weapon dashing and aiming. So, when you get used to the control scheme, you´ll feel like you´re unstopable because there´s lots of cool weapons and features in this game.

Speaking about weapons and features, you can buy lots of them in this game and even buy new mechs and parts. After beating the game, I saw myself  completing the same stages over and over again just for unlock new types of mechs and cool weapons. This variability in the mech raises the replay value a lot. The bad part is that this game has only 7 missions, which is a shame for a such deep and complex mech game like this.

Leynos 2 graphics are very well done, everything is heavily detailed with lot´s of stuff on-screen. Also, it uses 2D sprites in a 3d game engine with a 2D gameplay. So there´s lots of zoom and resize 3D effects on the 2D sprites, lot´s of parallax effects and rotation effects, everything looks really amazing and the mechs are very “realistic” with gray and brown colors. Sometimes, really huge enemies appears like the first boss, a giant AT-AT like walker battle tank with lots of machineguns built-in it.

There´s explosions and mechs flying everywhere so you´re really feel that you´re in a combat zone and not alone. Characters portraits are awesome too, the characters looks really charismatic and are drawled like those realistic anime style that I´m huge fan.

Music and sound effects are well done, the in-game songs are really good and off course has CD quality. I like to spend some time enjoying them since this is a Sega Saturn CD game you can simply put it on your CD player and enjoy them. There´s also a nice anime music like in the end credits, this give a nice touch.

In closing comments, Assault Suit Leynos 2 was the last game of the Assault Suits Series and a great 2D platform/action game. I hope everyone enjoyed this series of reviews and have fun with these underrated and obscure games that has lots to offer.


cool isn´t it?!