Indie game of the week – Super meat boy


Well, yeah. This is one of the most famous indie game we have out there and if you never played but already saw some screenshots you may ask yourself:

If this game is damn ugly why is it famous, anyway?

And what can I say?

  1. Good publicity
  2. Nice humor
  3. Awesome gameplay

So yeah…the graphics are not exactly impressive. The stages appears to be from a random free flash game. But the cut scenes and the menu are really well made…and there is a lot of small cut scenes, so they make a difference here.

Not the most impressive graphics you have out there

And there are some bonus stages with oldschool visuals trying to appear like an atari, or gameboy game, so you don’t get too bored with the flash visual

8-bit world, yay!

But actually the graphics are the less important thing here. As they say in the first screen that you will see in this game, it’s highly recommendable that you use a controller and not your keyboard here. The gameplay consists in a bunch of really small platform stages (usually they take 20 seconds or so to complete), but that you will  probably take some time to complete then. It’s almost like a puzzle. Almost every stage in this game requires a lot of precision and the game also stimulates you to try to make the stages really fast, so you will possibly die a lot in this game (actually you can see in the menu how many times you died) . Every stage have a time that you have to beat, and if you do you will unlock an even harder version of the stage. So it’s easy to imagine the producers of the game pointing at you and saying “Go on! I dare you!” every time you play the game.

The only stages that are not so small are the bosses, which are as hard as a regular stage but it taking more than one minute to complete if you don’t die.

Another interesting thing is that the game have a lot of different characters to unlock (a total of eleven…well…actually twelve if you count super tofu boy that is almost unplayable) and everyone have a different ability, some being more appropriate than others to complete a stage. And most of then are from other famous games as the headcrabs from half-life to the Commander Video from the bit.trip series helping super meat boy to be a more charismatic game.

What is better is that now you can play in custom stages made by other players, so you don’t have to worry if the game may appear short to you.


Easy to resume this one. Like challenges? Than take it! But well, yeah. You have more well made games for $15.