Indie game of the week: Who’s that flying?!

Who's that flying?!

Here is something that I really miss in videogames. A game with high quality 2D graphics. Yeah, well…I love pixel art and the old school game visuals, but is hard to see a 2D game that appear like a cartoon animatio, which I think works great in games.

So yes. I bought this game just for it’s graphics that I admit that I really liked. All the sprites are made in vectors, meaning that indifferently from which resolution you are running the game, the graphics will never be pixelated. And the sprites are all well draw. here are some screenshots:

Hitting with the bat

Some enemies

But there is not much in this game but the graphics.

Yeah. The gameplay is somewhat original. You are actually invincible in this game, so the main objective here is to avoid some small black monsters (the ravager from the screenshot) to reach the left side of the screen. The game tolerates that you let up to 15 ravangers to run out of the screen, which is really hard to happen (the game is reeeeeally easy). In case some bigger monsters will try to distract you while those little guys try to pass by you.

And what is original here? Your powerbar. You have something like a special bar with 3 levels, and using the 2 firsts levels don’t reset it to zero, only when you use it at level 3 that the bar goes empty again. But of course. It’s not that easy, if you let any ravanger scape your bar goes to zero too. Besides that, just shoot and go.

The game also have some cut scenes to explain the history of the game. You are the earth guardian and you are being judged for letting the earth to be invaded by evil aliens, so the gameplay is you explaining that besides you failed to destroy the aliens before they reach the earth, you killed then all before they some major damage to any city. There are some jokes in the middle of it…but well, what you can expect from a game with this name? (Yeah…they wanted the game to be also know as WTF?!, but there is already Work Time Fun out there that is a lot more famous)


Great graphics for an ok game.

And know a video that explains better the gameplay: