Games and Blending

photo by loadblog.

Videogames are, in their core, a hybrid media. So, it’s no surprise when some games use other games features, such as Call of Duty using Brothers in Arms features or that Gears of Wars takes advantage of Resident Evil 4 camera aspects or even Everquest using World of Warcraft’s yellow ponctuation marks. Those appropriation are so common that most of them goes unnoticed after sometimes, becoming a standard feature in most games of its genre.

However, some of those mixing are deliberately more obvious, keeping evident the source of the features. Mario meets Portal, for instance, show in a humours way how Super Mario Bros could be played if Mario had a portal gun. In this way, Mario can easily jump high on flag poles or make enemies disappear through a portal. Sebastian Möring (in press) discuss how this mixing in two or more videogame’s gameplay can result in a new kind of gameplay. He uses as example Tuper Tario Tros, a browser game that mix together Super Mario Bros and Tetris, but creating a gameplay that could be solved by only one game methodology.