Forgotten Old Games – Shatterhand

Hi everyone! Today I´m gonna talk about Shatterhand, a good and yet very obscure action/platform game for NES.

Shatterhand was developed by Natsume and released in 1991 in Japan as Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain, an action platform game featuring a hero from a japanese live action show called Solbrain. I tried to make a little research trying to know what of those two games where the first but there are lots of people who say that Solbrain was the first one and Shatterhand was the adaptation and others who say the total opposite so at the end I can only think… But who gives a sh@#$ anyway?! Both are great games so at least for me doesn´t metter at all.

Now it´s time to get back to the review.

The plot is simple, in the year 2030 a group of renegade soldiers called Metal Command are planning take the world using a army of cyborgs. In order to defeat them the Law and Order Regulatory Division recruits a police officer called Steve Hermann who has cyborg arms.

*look at this guy he´s a f@#$ badass

Now his codename is Shatterhand and he must stop this group once for all!

In Shatterhand player can jump and attack with punches, sometimes it´s possible to grab some fences, player also will be able to destroy enemy projectile just by punching them.

There are also alpha and beta symbols, if the player collect three of this symbols will able to summon a robot that can help a lot during the game.

Some of these robots can help your character allowing him fly a little or even destroying enemies on-screen.

Shatterhand feature 7 stages: after complete the first stage player is allowed to choose between 5 stages, after all these stages are cleared the final stage is unlocked.

Because of the small range of Steve attacks I consider Shatterhand a hard game, but very enjoyable and fun to play.

Shatterhand graphics are very well done, featuring a heavily detailed main character with nice animation, all enemies and backgrounds are heavily detailed I really love those industrial cyberpunk locations.

Sound and music are great too, reminds me Megaman a lot.

So in the end of the day Shatterhand is a real NES classic and if you didin´t played yet you MUST play this game!