Forgotten Old Games – Power Blade

In the year 2191 Earth is protected by a super computer but… Something went wrong and the master computer became out of control releasing chaos around the globe! Someone must take care of it! A man named Nova is called for the job and his mission is to find six agents in six sectors to ensure his access to the master computer!

This is the story of one of the best Mega Man-like games on NES. This is the story of… Power Blade!!!

This sprite seems a bit familiar...

By the time, Mega Man 2 was a huge success and now and then was considered by many the best Mega Man title in all video game history. So Mega Man 2 made the Mega Man series a masterpiece and at the end of 80s and beginning of 90s lots of developers tried to use Mega Man´s formula such as Power Blade, produced in 1990 by Natsume.

The japanese version of Power Blade was called Power Blazer. Power Blazer is almost a different game if you compare to Power Blade, that´s because when the game was released in west they made several changes in the level design. For instance, the main character was changed from a cartoonish robot into an Arnold Schwarzenegger look–alike character, teamed up with several improvements in the gameplay.

Here´s a comparison between both titles:

*Power Blazer

*Power Blade

Now… The gameplay!

Power Blade has a very sharp gameplay, A button make your character jump, B attack (WITH AWESOME BOOMERANGS!!!), D-PAD moves your character, START button pause and SELECT use your special weapon.

In Power Blade as I mentioned before your character use a boomerang to attack, you can attack in 8 directions with it and if you get enough power ups you can throw 3 boomerangs in a row.

There are some bombs and a Power Blade item that gives an awesome power suit that increases your protection and strength.

Power Blade has 7 stages, 7 bosses and two difficult levels; Normal and Expert but even in normal this game can be very challenging. There is also a password feature. When you start the game you can choose between the six main stages but unlike Mega Man, there’s no actual reason to select the stages in any order.

The graphics are very good and colorful, backdrops are very well detailed and characters too, for me the only downside was the walking animation of the main character, it looks weird and clumsy but… it´s also funny so I´m not sure if is really a downside after all.

Music and sound effects are pretty good and catchy.

So if you like Mega Man you should try Power Blade, another awesome forgotten old game for NES!