Dreamcast on the go

photo by Joystiq

Everybody that consider himself a real gamer should have a Dreamcast. Period. You can say that this is just nostalgia rubbish or that its price is not worth it or even  that most of its games are over hyped, like Space Channel 5. But, for the sky above us and hell beneath us, you can’t overlook Sega’s last desperate struggle, as if the final breath of a colossus, in creating a console and good games. That happened way before Sega’s contemporary politics of letting their stars, like Sonic, in a trolley falling down the hill on slippery rails (without breaks), when it seemed that creating good videogames still meant something to the company. So, yeah, just as a proof of this time, you should have a Dreamcast.

If you believed my words and is considering about buying a, if not two, Dreamcast, good new to you: I didn’t got any cheaper but, at least, it is now easier to play. PachimonTV is giving you this opportunity of having a portable Dreamcast at the not very affordable price of ¥38,000 ($469USD). If you don’t love the idea, there is always the chinese version of it called Treamcast, which, among other things, also read CD-Rs and play MP3s and Video CDs with special software and, of course, was not licensed by Sega. If you prefer not to cross the copyright line but is still interested in playing Shenmue on the go and don’t mind in spending also a handful in doing so, there is also Pandora, that for the trifle of $500USD alows you to emulate many classic consoles on a open software basis.