Forgotten Old Games – Kid Chameleon

Hi everyone! This week we have a game that I consider very special, the first game that I´ve played on a Sega Genesis… Kid Chameleon, one of the greatest platform games on Sega Genesis!

Kid Chameleon was released in 1992 by SEGA and became very popular along the kids of that time. It reminds me of those 80’s american adventure movies, a little like “The Last Starfighter” where a video game becomes reality. The plot is that a new arcade game called WildSide is released and finally arrives in a small town. Every single kid in town played it but something weird happened afterwards: all of them disappeared! The game’s final boss becomes their cybernetic prison and kidnaps every kid that tries to beat the game, except for a boy named Casey. Casey, the Kid Chameleon, who posesses the power to transform himself into a great variety of heroes, enters the game in order to defeat the evil boss and rescue the other kids.

D-pad moves your character, A button RUN, A+START diamond powers, B jump and finally C use your transformation´s special power.

Kid Chameleon plays pretty much like Super Mario Bros however your character can transform into different heroes depending of what item you collect. For example you start the game as an ordinary kid them you get a helmet that transform you into an Iron Knight!

Here´s a brief explanation about all forms of Kid Chameleon

*Kid Chameleon – Casey´s original form, if you run out of hit points in any other form you´ll revert to this form that has only 2 hit points and finally if loose the rest you´ll die. In this form you can climb edges and you can only kill an enemy if you jump over his head.

*Iron Knight – The most durable of all forms. In this form you can climb walls and break some parts of the floor

*Red Stealth – Can jump higher than any other form, can attack with a sword and break some parts of the floor with it.

*Berzerker – The Berzerker form can perform a rush attack that´ll go through enemies and walls, a very powerful form.

*Maniaxe – A form that resembles a lot Jason from Friday the 13th. In this form you can throw axes.

*Juggernaut – In this form you´ll transform into a powerful tank.

*Micromax – You´ll be turned into a fly that can stick in walls and fit in small places.

*Eyeclops – Can reveal hidden itens and has a powerfull laser beam.

*Skycutter – In this form you can move using a hoverboard, just like Marty Mcfly!

*Cyclone – A superhero-like form that can fly spinning like a tornado.

As you can see this game features a bunch of cool transformations that totally changes the way of how you´ll play through the levels.

Speaking about levels, there are 103 levels, 32 special levels and no save at all… It´s a looong journey.

Graphics are pretty decent, Kid Chameleon is from the first generation of Sega Genesis games so you can´t expect too much difference from the NES or Master System graphics. Music and sound is good too with lots of catchy tunes.

Well that´s all I have to say about Kid Chameleon a really, really nice Sega Genesis game that became forgotten so give it a try and I guarantee that you´ll not regret it.