Forgotten Old Games – QUACKSHOT

Hi everyone!
We have another Sega Genesis game this week, which was quite fun when I was young, the game name is QUACKSHOT.


Released in 1991 by Disney Interactive, this game puts you in control of one of the most charismatic Disney’s characters: Donald Duck! Of course this is not the first game featuring Donald, not even on a SEGA console. But this one was quite good, considering the options available at that time.

The plot is pretty simple. Donald found a Map in one of Uncle Scrooge’s old books which tells about the hidden treasure of “KING GARUZIA”. Driven by the excitement, Donald takes his three nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie with him and departs on a plane in search for the treasure. Pete’s Gang was right behind them;  they where spying on Donald since the beginning and are now following them. What will be of our heroes?

Every platform game must have a lava/fire pit!

The commands are as following:
The Directional Pad moves Donald, pressing DOWN will make him crouch and UP can be used to aim projectiles on that direction, UP and DOWN are used on ladders as well.

  • Press A to RUN
  • Press B to shoot
  • Press C to jump. You can use C to slide on the ground while crouching. Press START to go to the INVENTORY.

Despite being mainly a platform game, you’ll need to talk to characters to get needed items or weapons, which will appear in your inventory, where they can be used or equipped depending on the item.

While in the INVENTORY you can EQUIP WEAPONS, LOOK or USE items and CALL THE AIRPLANE which can only be used upon completing a level, it takes you to the MAP SCREEN where you can select your next destination.

The MAP SCREEN is where you can select the next area you want to explore

The game screen labels are:

  • POWER: Your hitpoints/energy
  • TEMPER: “Quack Attack” meter
  • DONALD:  Number of lives
  • WEAPON ICON:  Indicates which WEAPON is equipped.
  • POINTS:  The average points meter

Most of the items you get will be used for recharging WEAPONS or POWER, like the CORN or FOOD. PEPPERS fills the TEMPER meter, if you get 5 of them, Donald will unleash his fury onto his enemies in a “Quack Attack” (YE OLDE INVINCIBLE). The MONEY BAGS just gives you points.

TIP: While facing the “Falling Ceiling” boss, jump on the STONES at the following order: SUN, MOON, STAR.

There is a total of 9 levels, starting in DUCKBURG and travelling the world in search of clues to where the treasure might be. The graphics are good, of course not quite as good as “DONALD DUCK in MAUI MALLARD” (Cold Shadow on the SNES). The controls are a little slow, but nothing  that would spoil the fun. The music is OK, but some of the songs are REALLY ANNOYING. Maybe that’s the reason this game got forgotten, but even so it’s a really good game that can give you hours of fun. So, if you like oldschool platformers, give it a chance!