Forgotten Old Games – X-Men 2: Clone Wars

Hello everyone! my name is Robson, aka Hay or Rob.
It’s my first time writing for Game Comments. I’ve got invited by Danilo, so I could cover some old games he hasn’t played for “Forgotten Old Games” collumn, specially games from SEGA consoles.

The first game I’ll talk about has a special place in my heart, mainly because of ALL the time me and my friends have spent trying to beat it back then. Today we’re gonna take a look at the SEGA Genesis game: “X-Men 2: Clone Wars”.


Released in 1995 this game was developed by HeadGames. The game plot is set to cover the events of Phalanx saga, that first appeared on Uncanny X-Men #311 comic, published in 1994.
The Phalanx is a technorganic alien race with a collective hive mind, that can infect other life beings. Their goal is to take control of Earth, by assimilating all of its inhabitants. Now it’s up to a select group of mutants who haven’t been captured to defeat them before it’s too late.

The game graphics are great, comparing to its predecessor. Every character is well detailed and the animation is good.

Wolverine is ferocious as ever!

The basic commands are as following:
A: Special Attack
B: Normal Attack
C: Jump
Some characters like Beast can roll by pressing Jump while crouched. Some others can stick to the wall or even climb them, like Wolverine and Nightcrawler.
The Special Attack differs for every character. Cyclops  uses his Optic Blast, while Nightcrawler teleports, for example. The Special Attack also gets more powerful if your life is full, or at least with one yellow bar.

Beat the Sentinel boss by hitting the squares around it’s base.

The game’s music was composed by Kurt Harland from Information Society. Not every song is great, but there are a lot of catchy tunes. I love the boss theme, haha!

Magneto will join forces with you, but you must defeat him first!

You can play the game with a friend, but that’s where the game fails. Most of the time someone will get stuck in a corner, making it impossible for the other player to proceed, which can result in both dying.

There are a lot of stages, some of them are a pain to get through, like the ones in which the water rises. And you have NO CONTINUES, NO SAVE and NO PASSWORD :D!!!

X-Men 2: Clone Wars is a great game that can keep you entertained (or pissed) for hours. So if you’re up to some oldschool challenge with your favorite mutants, don’t think twice before playing it!