Indie game of the week – VVVVVV

Long time, no posts (unless from me).
I was having busy days, but form now on I will probably post more often.
Well, and now for the review.

The review itself

At first I asked myself if it was really worth to buy VVVVVV…and after buying I was mocked for some of my friends:

“Really? It’s just a stupid flash game.”
“No! It’s not! Here, let me show you”

And when I tried to open the game it popped out a flash error

“You see? It’s even made on flash! I told you”

Yeah…it might be made on flash but it’s really hard to define if it’s unfair to sell it on steam or if it should be distributed for free at some sites like newgrownds or kongragate. Actually, you even have the demo of it on those sites.

And that’s the problem. The game appears to be too big for a simple flash game but too small for a paid indie game. Probably a regular gamer will take up to 3h to finish the game at the first time (3h considering the gamer played really bad) and maybe add 2h if you try to beat 100% of the game.

But the quality of the game is really high. You have an 8-bit visual with an awesome chiptune soundtrack and the game takes really well the essence of the old games. It’s REALLY challenging, but you use only 3 buttons to play all the game.

The coolest thing about VVVVVV is to be a completely conceptual platform game that could be made for atari without losing much, showing all the creativity of the creators in working with tons of limitations. Maybe you can justify the game being short to appear more like an 8 bit-game. But the important part here is the gameplay that is really neat. As said you use only 3 buttons. Left, right and change the gravity direction. Yes, you don’t have simple jump in this game. If you want to avoid an obstacle you have to change the gravity to go to the ceiling and if there is an obstacle in the ceiling, change the gravity back to the floor, making the game pure ability and reflex to change gravity at the right time.



The game is short, but really fun to maybe it’s worth to pay 5$ that is the full price of it. And definitely it’s worth to pay for it in a sale (now on the summer sale for exemple the game is costing 2.49$).