Forgotten Old Games – Killer Instinct

Hi everyone! I´m back with another forgotten old game!

This week we´re gonna talk about Killer Instinct, a really nice fighting game released in 1994 by Rareware for Arcade and Super Nintendo.

Killer Instinct is a pretty famous game, I never met an old gamer that doensn´t know this awesome piece of god work. But sadly, it´s also a forgotten game since it haven’t been continued recently so that´s why today this classic will be remembered!

The year was 1994 and Mortal Kombat was the shit! So it’s not surprising that  lots of video game companies released games with the same thematic “brutal fights with lots of gore”. However, none of them achieve the same status as Killer Instinct which was one of the most succeeded fighting games based on Mortal Kombat.

Killer Instinct triumphs where many others failed: lots of original characteristics, awesome graphics and really good gameplay.

Speaking about gameplay, Killer Instinct feature a very complex combo system, special moves based on Street Fighter and finishing moves based on Mortal Komabat.

One of the most notable features of Killer Instinct is the double energy bar. Instead of two rounds, the player has two energy bars and when one bar is depleted the character fall on the ground and stand up again using the new energy bar.

When the two bars run out of energy the character becomes stunned and it´s time for the finishing moves!  Finishing moves can be done pretty much Mortal Kombat, you have to input a sequence of commands them it will be done.

The combo system was an awesome feature in this game, really long chains of combos can be done and it´s relative easy to perform.

You just need to input the a sequence of commands in order to do that and there are many types of combos:

  • Triple Combo: 3 Hits.
  • Super Combo: 4 Hits.
  • Hyper Combo: 5 Hits.
  • Brutal Combo: 6 Hits.
  • Master Combo: 7 Hits.
  • Awesome Combo: 8 Hits.
  • Blaster Combo: 9 Hits.
  • Monster Combo: 10 Hits.
  • King Combo: 11 Hits.
  • Killer Combo: 12 or more hits.
  • Ultra Combo: 20 or more hits.

There´s also a combo breaker feature that allows the player to interrupt an enemy combo during it´s execution, when the combo breaker is performed a characteristic speech from the narrator is activated. Yeah you know what I´m talking abo… C C C C COMBO BREAKER!!!

There are 11 fighters available to choose, every one of them with lots of special moves, combos and finishing moves.

Now let´s talk about graphics.

Killer Instinct graphics are awesome, all characters are 3D pre-rendered sprites with lots of animation frames, backgrounds where FMVs and great use of sparks particles/blood effects giving everything an almost real 3D appearance.

The Super NES version was very inferior to it´s Arcade counterpart however it still have pretty wesome graphics for a Super NES game.

Music and sound effects where great too, the main theme is awesome, check it out:

*holly crap that was awesome

I hope that everyone have enjoyed this review and let´s make some C C C C C COMBO BREAKERS!