Crafturday – Metroid NES

Here it comes one more NES mod and this too based on classic games. This custom NES was inspired by Samus Aran’s Varia Suit and, as you can see it, involved the whole console, from the console itself to the controllers. BleedingViolin is the one behind this amazing transformation and e praise it affirming “these ARE NOT stickers, NOT interchangeable skins, NON Photoshop work; this is HANDMADE and the devices all function properly.”

If you, like me, have absolutely no idea how to achieve this result without using stickers and photoshop, don’t worry! BleedingViolin also make customizations to order, so if you are just around Netherlands or don’t mind international shipping rates, here is your chance to have an exclusive console.

You can see more of BleedingViolin custom consoles at his DeviantArt page under the name ricepuppet.