Indie game of the week – Quantz

This game havea strange concept. It’s bust-a-move, but in 3D.

If you don’t remember what game is bust-a-move, is the one that you control a cannon that shoots balls with different colors into other balls, having to match 3 or more balls of the same colors.

Bust-a-move, the 2D quantz's brother

Bust-a-move, the 2D quantz's brother

So, imagine this same game, but in place of the balls that you have to shot being on top of the screen they are in a polyhedron at the center of the screen and in the place of aiming with a cannon you have to spin this polyhedron while a ball from a random color fall in the center of the screen. The interesting part is that most of the balls are not attached to this polyhedron, they are just attracted, so if you spin it too fast you might change the balls from their places, sometimes this being good or bad. But yes, some of them are really attached and can not be moved.

Another nice touch is that because of the game is in a polyhedron you can’t see all the balls at the same time, but you don’t actually need to remember of every ball in the game, you can stop the falling ball to rotate the polyhedron and look for the best place to aim it.

And the game is basically this. Also if you hit 3 or more balls of the same colors that were evolving a ball of another color, this isolated ball will pop from the polyhedron and fall again, clearing itself and any ball of the same color that it touches after hitting the polyhedron (so yes, if you don’t hit any ball of the same color of the popping one, it will just clear itself).

Oh, and the game have 3 gameplays. Action, strategy and puzzle.
Action and strategy is almost the same thing, but in strategy you have a preview of some of the next balls that you will use while in action you just know the color of the ball that is falling and the balls are launched automatically (so yes, action is more difficult). And puzzle as you can imagine you have a specific number of balls that you can use to clear all the balls of the stage.


The game is somewhat expensive ($10 without sale), but if you like puzzles can be a nice game to pass the time, but not exactly special.