Forgotten Old Games – Comix Zone

Hello! It’s Rob again bringing another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME just for you :)
Today I’m gonna talk about another SEGA Genesis game. It’s called Comix Zone.


Released in 1995 by SEGA, Comix Zone is an action-platform game that tells the story about Sketch Turner,  a starving artist (as he calls himself) and a freelance musician who haves a little pet rat, called Roadkill. On a stormy night, when Turner was working on a drawing for his new comics, a lighting struck him along his work. Something umbeliavable happened then: Mortus, the villain from his drawings gained life and escaped to the real world. Mortus is still a drawing, and in order to become real he teleports Turner to the comics.  Trapped inside his own creation, he must find a way to escape and defeat Mortus.


Sketch Turner introduces himself

Mortus is alive!

The graphics are really good. Everthing is very colorful and set to look and feel like you’re inside a comic book. The characters have a very good cartoon-like animation. Even the enemies are drawn inside the comic panels by Mortus himself.

Mortus draw the enemies you must face.

The gameplay is sharp. Turner may not have gorgeous powers like some super heroes we know, but he sure packs some moves. I truly recommend you playing this game by using a 6-button controller, since it makes easier to access items from the inventory, perform moves and to block, since you have no block button when using a 3-button controller (it auto blocks, but it’s not very good).
The basic commands are:
DPad – Moves Character
A –  Action/Punch/Kick
B – Jump
C – Block
X, Y and Z – Press to use the respective items in slots 1, 2 and 3 from the inventory.
The A button is used to activate levers, it’s also used to basic combat.  Some other moves can be performed by using the d-pad along with the A button. By jumping and pressing A, you can perform a flying kick. There are a lot of other moves, try and discover them by yourself :)
Almost forgot to tell you about the game screen. It’s pretty simple, you have an energy bar below the inventory which holds up to 3 items. By the way… you have only ONE life. But if you die you start at the beginning of the level in which you died.

The first Boss!

The soundtrack is amazing, lots of ‘rocking’ tracks. You can see a video from the first stage below and take a glimpse of what the songs (and the game) looks like. Talking about the soundtrack, the European release of Comix Zone came with a Bonus CD with an arranged version of the game songs performed by a band called “Roadkill” (The same as  Turner’s pet rat). The US version came with a CD as well but the content was different, several rock tracks from 90’s bands like Danzig and Lordz of Brooklyn.

Comix Zone is a gem from the 16-bit era. I strongly recommend you take a look at it! Maybe you can have lots of fun just like I did back then! See ya!