Indie game of the week – DogFighter

I’m not a multiplayer game fan, but I tried the demo of this one and find out that the graphics are amazing and it’s really nice to play, so I decided to buy it and test.

As the developers say, this game is not a flight simulator at all. You control airplanes with a nice steampunk visual, but they maneuver as good as a starfox ship. So if you are looking for a good air combat simulator this probably is not the game for you.

The game is an arena shooter, like counter strike or quake 3. The beauty of it is that you are in an airplane, so you don’t have campers, snipers or anything like that because you can’t stop in the air. So the game is more about action, control precision and agility than map strategy considering that all the time you will be going forward and showing yourself to others. Add the fact that you also move in the y-axis, so the precision in aiming your enemies is even higher.

And the game is all about that. You have some flying power ups that you can get like new weapons or defensive ones like shield, turbo or health and you have to try to kill your enemies and survive. Simple, but really fun.

I don’t think we need a resume this time. I really think this is a nice acquisition. $9,99 for a really well produced game. And you get new content from time to time with no need of buying DLCs.