Indie game of the week – The ball

Ok, I observed that I just review games that I liked and decided that it would be nice to review games that disappointed me too. And the ball is one of them.

I decided to buy it in a day that steam sold it for 75% of the original price. Reading some reviews it appeared to have nice graphics (it uses Epic’s Unreal™ Engine 3 ) and it was somewhat compared with portal, some saying that it was a nice game to play while you waited for portal 2 (the game was released in October last year) so I tough that for 5 dollars it was ok to take the risk and buy it.

And yeah. It’s worth 5 dollars, but not much more than that. I discovered that the game is compared to portal because it’s another first person shooter with just one gun being more like a puzzle than an action game. But they forgot that the puzzle was just a small fraction of the reasons why portal is so good. The ball have no captivating story and nothing like that. And the puzzles at the beginning of the game fails a lot to catch your attention. I played this game for only forty minutes and nothing on it caught my attention.

The entire time that I played the game the story had nothing new, no characters were introduced and the stages had no challenge, so I spent 40 minutes basically pushing and pulling a giant ball for no apparent reason.

Reading other reviews it appears that after a while the game gets a lot better…maybe someday I will try to play it to see if that is true, but I probably won’t.


If you have a lot of free time and you find it for 10 dollars or less it might worth the try. Otherwise I would not recommend.