Forgotten Old Games – The Ninja Warriors Again

Hi everyone, it´s me again Danilo and this week I´m gonna review… The Ninja Warriors Again! … No I´m not gonna review it “again”… That’s actially the real game title. I know. Again.

The year was 1994 and to be a Ninja was the shit! Every kid in that time wanted to be a Ninja and game developers knew that. So, in order to bring us  the ultimate ninja beat´m up of all time, Natsume (again.. man I really love Natsume games…) brought to us The Ninja Warriors Again*!!!

*The “Again” in title refers that this game is a sequel of an old arcade game called The Ninja Warriors, which, actually was rather different from The Ninja Warriors Again. Again, how amazing is it to use the word Again as a sequel sign?

Ninja Warriors Again takes places in a near future,when the US has been oppressed by a military government ruled by a man called Banglar. In order to stop this evil dictator a resistance group created three ninja androids and send the to the battle. (Yes! They´re ninjas and they´re robots! That’s like an explosion of awesomeness.)

First you can select one of the three ninjas, each ninja has different abilities and skills. They´re:

Ninja (that’s a Ninja whose name is Ninja. I’m just lacking the words to describe design and marketing choices in this game): The most strong of all three and also the slowest. He attacks with punches, kicks and a nunchaku.

Kunoichi: She´s the balanced character of this game. She can perform attacks with two short blades.

Kamaitachi: He´s the fastest of the three ninjas, he attacks with he´s twin blades attached to his arms.

Basic moves are:

D-PAD – moves your character and crouch

Y BUTTON – attack and pick up items

B BUTTON – jump

X BUTTON – giga attack (A powerful attack that hit all enemies on-screen)

You also can perform basic actions like:

block – hold on Y

crouch walk – while crouching go left or right

dodge – while blocking just hit left or right

grab/throw – walk toward an enemy and press left/right + Y

During the game, you´re gonna face lots of enemies on-screen trying to kick your ass. The gameplay is very similar to lots of beat´m up games. I think that this game´s mechanics  resembles a lot Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Snes, another great beat´m up game from Natsume.

Besides punching enemies in the face, you can also pick up items like energy items that recovery your health. You gonna need it after all there´s a good amount of different enemies and bosses.

She´s a badass

Ninja Warriors Again features nine levels with lots of enemies and bosses.

Graphics are really impressive; I still remember the first time I´ve played this game and I was like “my god, this looks like an arcade game!!” All characters are big and very detailed, everything is heavily detailed with fluid animations, rich backgrounds and special effects. I think that this game is one of the most beautiful games on Snes.

Music is also awesome, the intro theme give-me chills, it´s freaking epic! You must hear this by yourself to feel the energy!


So if you´re a ninja fan and also a robot fan… Then, you MUST play this game! It´s a masterpiece, Ninja Warriors Again the ultimate robot ninja action beat´m up of all time!